There is a lot more involved in demolishing a structure than knocking down four walls. Demolition is a high risk operation and must be carried out with precision to ensure minimal environmental impact, preservation of adjoining buildings and most importantly public and contractor safety.

It is a intricate process especially in residential areas or highly populated areas where many safety aspects must be addressed. The process of knocking down a building is done in a systematic way and must therefore be completed by a licensed and experienced contractor like Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal.

Whether you plan to build a new shed, a commercial property or your dream home Swan Hill Excavations & Asbestos Removal are ready to lay the foundation for your project and provide you with the perfect canvas.

Demolition Process

So you want to demolish a building but don’t know where to start. Let Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal help you. We have provided a step by step example the demolition process so as you can understand what’s involved...

1. Call us or complete the Demolition Quote Form on our homepage
2. We will arrange a site visit if possible in order to assess the property to give accurate costing and approximate timeline. If the property is deemed unsafe Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal can provide temporary fencing for the property to ensure public safety.

3. If asbestos is suspected on the site visit we will either get an asbestos expert to inspect the site or send a sample to a hygienist for testing. We ascertain how much asbestos there is to be removed to give an accurate quote.

4. Quote is prepared and given to the customer. We aim to have a quote completed within 2 business days of receiving asbestos clarification.

5. If the quote is accepted we then provide the customer with a demolition declaration which allows Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal to act as an agent on their behalf in order to apply for necessary permits

6. Once the demolition declaration is received the demolition permit is lodged with the appropriate authority

7. Services decommission is arranged, i.e. power, water, gas etc. Disconnection of services can take up to one month.

8. If asbestos has been detected WorkSafe must be notified 5 days prior to commencing its removal

9. Demolition begins

Demolition Costs

Many different factors determine the cost of a demolition project. Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal takes all factors into account to give you the best quote possible.

Location of the Site – Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal is located in Swan Hill, Victoria. We can travel to any job in Victoria and also interstate if required.

Access – Is the structure easy to get to? Is it on sloping land or does it require manouvering to get to? Can trucks, excavators, cranes and bobcats easily enter the job site?

Precense of Asbestos -Does the structure to be demolished contain asbestos? Asbestos can potentially be an extremely harmful and deadly substance and must be treated accordingly by a licenced Asbestos Removalist such as Swan Hill Demolition & Asbestos Removal. Asbestos can only be removed by a professional who knows how to saftely remove and dispose of it.

Public Impact - Sometimes demolition or asbestos removal may need to take place at night in order to minimise disruption and ensure public safety. This can often be the case in commercial demolition or if the worksite is for example adjoining a kindergarten or school.

Size of the job – The size of the structure to be demolished will determine the number of personal we will need to have onsite to ensure a thorough, time efficient and safe project. Larger projects will also require larger machines and will take a longer period of time and incur higher waste removal cost

Salvage – Extra costs are incurred when part of a structure needs to be salvaged or a close by or adjoining structure needs to be protected from the demolition process.

How long does the demolition process take?

Each job is uniquely different in size and complexity. When we take a close look at your project we can give you an approximate timeline however sometimes we encounter uncontrollable determining factors that include decommissioning of services (gas,water,power) and the time it takes to receive council permits. An exception to this is if you have received an emergency order to demolish a structure that is unsafe.